How Feminism Defiled 65 Innocent Girls and Turned Them Into Ugly Beasts Why Feminists Are So Disgusting and Ugly: The Ultimate Guide

When I say the word “feminist”, what do you immediately think of? I think of an ugly woman with blue hair. She has piercings all over her head. She has a twisted expression. She is obese. She is lifting up her left arm with a full sleeve tattoo, flaunting her neon armpit hair. Maybe she is even shooting the bird at me with her free hand.

Admit it.

I bet you had a similar picture in mind. But it’s okay. Most people do. After all, feminism is the synonym of ugliness.

According to research, the stereotypical feminist is “eccentric, militant, and unhygienic”. Feminists are repulsive. So repulsive, that the more people learn about feminism, the less likely they are to identify themselves as feminists. This is even if they are pro-feminism to begin with.

Many beautiful women converted to feminism and became ugly. They hurt and abuse their bodies in horrible ways. It is as if feminism drove them crazy.

I wanted to know why. I wanted to dissect feminist ugliness from every angle. So I did. I really dug deep to find the answers I wanted.

When I was researching, I looked up every single feminist transformation you can find on the internet. Boy, did it change my life. And you’ll get to see all these pictures right at the beginning of this article.

But first, a word of warning.

As you read, you may feel disgusted and nauseous. You may even want to vomit. But don’t worry. This is your natural, biological response to spotting ugly, subnormal human beings. But if you are not ready for what’s to come, stop reading here.

You may also feel a tinge of sadness, as there are many tragic cases among these photos. You may lament, if only feminism didn’t exist, they would still be the beautiful women that they were.

So, are you ready?

Here we go.

Table of Contents

  1. 65 Innocent Girls Who Turned Into Ugly Beasts Because of Feminism
  2. The Disturbing Origins of Feminism
  3. Why Feminism Needs Women, Not Vice Versa
  4. Why Feminism Is an Ugly Chick Magnet
  5. Feminism: The Ugly Women’s Murder Weapon
  6. What Zoology Can Teach Us About Feminist Ugliness
  7. You Become What You Think
  8. The Shocking Connection Between Hormones and Feminism
  9. Why the Short Hair Trend Is a Scam
  10. Madonna’s Armpit Hair Will Freak You Out
  11. How Fat Feminists Abuse Disabled People
  12. The Tragedy Behind Tattoos and Piercings
  13. Hot Feminists Should Be Sent to Mental Asylums
  14. Why Beauty Is Objective and Universal
  15. Will Feminists Ever Find True Love?
  16. What to Do Next

65 Innocent Girls Who Turned Into Ugly Beasts Because of Feminism

Before trying to answer any questions, you need to see how ugly can feminists get. Here are 67 before-after pictures. On the left is before, on the right after.

Brace yourself:

1. From hot to basic feminist

2. From normal to basic feminist

3. From normal to basic feminist

4. From cute to some tomboy

5. From normal to alien

6. From normal to James P. Sullivan

7. From normal to some dude

8. From normal to subpar

9. From cute to some dude with greenish blue hair

10. From normal to aboriginal shaman

11. From normal to fashion plane crash

12. From normal to basic feminist

13. From hippy to basic feminist

14. From normal to predator

15. From normal to fat feminist

16. Rachel Maddow, a man

17. From normal to basic feminist

18. Megan Jayne Crabbe, from fit to fat

19. From normal to basic feminist

20. Leigh Alexander

21. From cute to full package feminist

22. From normal to fat

23. From normal to basic feminist

24. From normal to naked parrot

25. From normal to basic feminist

26. From very cute to some tomboy

27. Savannah Brown, very cute to below average

28. Chanty Binx, Big Red

29. Melody Hensley, SJW zombie

30. From normal to basic feminist

31. From normal to fledgling feminist

32. From normal to typical SJW

33. From normal to basic feminist

34. From hot to fat feminist

35. From normal to basic feminist

36. From cutesy to basic feminist

37. From normal to alien

38. From normal to basic feminist

39. From emo to alien

40. From cute to basic feminist

41. From normal to ape

42. From normal to basic feminist

43. From normal to basic feminist

44. From normal to basic feminist

45. From hot to crazy lesbian

46. From normal to basic feminist

47. From cute to basic feminist

48. From normal to fat feminist

49. From normal to basic feminist

50. From normal to basic feminist

51. From normal to basic feminist

52. From normal to high level feminist freak

53. From normal to basic feminist

54. From normal to basic feminist

55. From cute to basic feminist

56. From normal to basic feminist

57. From normal to basic feminist

58. From normal to typical SJW

59. From cute to forehead tattoo

60. From normal to fat sjw

61. From normal to some tomboy

62. From normal to fat feminist

Have you noticed how the basic feminists all look the same? But otherwise, how did these photos make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

Now, I’ll try to find out the reason behind this. I’ll answer a few questions: How ugly can feminists get? Why does feminism turn women ugly? In what ways do feminists make themselves ugly? Is there an underlying reason behind this?

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Anyhow, equip yourself with this knowledge. You may need it in an argument. Or, you may even need it to save someone you love in the future.

The Disturbing Origins of Feminism

Let’s look at the back story of feminism first, and what makes it what it is today. I will make it short.

Feminism has three waves. You may already know this. The first wave started in around the 1830s to early 1900s century. Feminism was born after the Seneca Falls Convention rally in 1848. The OGs of feminism focused almost totally on women’s suffrage.

Second wave started around 1960s. Their main focus was workplace equality. Around this time, feminists branded their movement a “class struggle”. The Marxist DNA within Feminism began to show.

Feminists also started to blame the patriarchy for forcing them to act cute and pretty.  They coined the term “identity politics”, and started the whole abortion thing around this time.  The feminism we know of started to take form.

Third wave feminism is a completely different beast, pun intended. Unlike the first two waves, feminists today don’t have an organized movement or a common goal. They have no shit to stir; women already have equal rights with men, if not more rights than men.

But they have to keep feminism alive. When you have nothing to whine about, you whine about everything. This is exactly what they do now.

Three waves of feminism / Pinterest

Here are feminists’ default arguments:

“Why are women expected to do X when men are never expected to?”

“Why can men do X and women can’t?”

“Women should have the right to do whatever they want with their body.”

Feminists are taught to defy the patriarchal standard by exercising their freedom over their own bodies.

But here’s the thing.

By doing this, feminists actually takes away their own freedom. When they are forced to act against a standard, they restrict their will to act freely. If they were to exercise freedom, they would simply do whatever they want, without boxing themselves within an ideology.

If they are free, they would most likely choose to look pretty. It is women’s natural instinct. Men didn’t force them to look pretty. It is their own biological urge.

Men work the same way. Men also conform to a standard. Women decorate her body and face to attract and please men. Men get rich, famous, strong and big to attract and please women. Men also beautify themselves with cologne, fashion, hairstyles and beards.

We both do the same thing. Yet you never hear men complain about a matriarchal standard.

Why Feminism Needs Women, Not Vice Versa

Feminism is a virus. Like AIDs.

Like AIDs, feminism needs a host. Through the host, it infects other healthy women. Like AIDs, feminism breaks down people’s natural defense. Feminist teachings disable women’s instincts and make them dumb. Like AIDs, the body starts showing symptoms of feminism after an incubation period.

This symptom is ugliness.

Feminism needs hosts. But women, especially beautiful women, don’t need feminism. They already own greater power than feminism could ever give them. Sure, you don’t read about women in history books, but women have always had power even above the kings of the ages.

Men are suckers for women. Men will do anything to sleep with a pretty girl. Women know this. So women abuse sex: they use it to persuade and coerce, to get her suitors to do whatever she wants.

There’s a reason why photos like this exist / ManServants

This is why even an average girl has her own army of suitors, ready at her disposal. Women who have the gift of beauty are even more menacing. She has a large army of men, ranging from bums to tyrants. People die over women. Kingdoms fall over beauty.

“The Reactionary Tree” writes:

“How did women’s suffrage come to be if there were virtually no women in Congress or the White House to pass it into law? It is because they exercised indirect power over men. In a true patriarchy, the alpha males of society would have collectively pimp-slapped the suffragettes and told them to get back in the kitchen.”

If there’s a privileged class, it would be beautiful women. They are powerful, influential and dangerous. But even average women can attract enough suitors to secure a rather abundant life. Normal women wouldn’t have to worry about food, shelter or security. Their providers will take care of those for them.

You ask, “If women have so much power, why don’t you seem them in positions of authority?”

It is not that they can’t get there. If they want to, they can ask a powerful suitor to put her up there. But authority comes with huge responsibility and accountability. It’s stressful. Who would want that, especially if you already have access to the rewards for all the work?

Think gold diggers.

Gold diggers don’t care about equality. She doesn’t want to work for money. She doesn’t want to get sucked into a painful cycle. She doesn’t want to risk anything without knowing if she will ever make it. She doesn’t have to. Instead, she only has to seduce rich, successful men. And she’ll take over everything he has.

Yes, seduction is still work. But it’s much easier than risking your life and future.

Feminism forces women to work instead. It gives them responsibility and stress. Women now have to gamble with their lives like men – something they were never expected to do. This is why normal women don’t need feminism. It hurts more than it helps.

But one group of women does need feminism: ugly women.

Hell, they invented the thing.

Back in 1987, Rush Limbaugh wrote, “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

He was right. Here’s why.

Why Feminism Is an Ugly Chick Magnet

Without beauty, ugly women have no influence over men. Without influence, they have no security of food, shelter and protection. Roosh V explains:

“[L]iberalism is an ideology that attempts to take from the strong, beautiful, and talented to give to the ugly, weak, and talentless.”

Feminism and ugly women are a perfect match. It is appealing to lazy, ugly women. Even feminists like Lindy West admit this. In her own words:

“I can imagine that liberalism actively attracts people who are shut out of that old-timey paradigm… The women who can’t ‘pass’ for hot are forced to consider why.”

If a woman is pretty, she wouldn’t want anyone to diminish the value of her beauty. But if she is ugly and lazy, all she has is hate and jealousy. She wants revenge. Feminism lets her do exactly that.

Feminism is a branch of liberalism. It curses and robs the people who ugly women hate. It bestows them the power to get resource and sex that they could not otherwise have.

Feminism isn’t a force for good. Rather, it is a dark and evil power.

Feminism is dark because it is unnatural and anti-social. Blackwell saw a link between feminism and dark, gothic, alternative culture. She wrote,

“Witch hats, middle fingers, and lavender hair, oh my! Alternative culture used to be just that–alternative. It is alternative because it is antisocial. Those who were attracted to it usually were because of significant life problems, often traumatic in nature.”

This explains why feminism attracts anti-social, aggressive, failing women who already are dark and damaged to begin with.

Emo girl, note the dyed hair and piercings / Pinterest

Feminism is dark because it’s a negative ideology. It seeks to destroy people instead of build up people. It is a device for destruction.

A positive ideology would urge women to embrace their natural femininity. Improve their looks. Take care of their health. Be modest, polite, amiable and compassionate. It would teach women to be nice.

Instead, feminism tells women to stop being women. Ruin their own health. Make themselves ugly. Fuck around. Hate. Be rude, abrasive and immoral.

It’s like feminists sold their souls to the Devil, in exchange for things they should not have.

Feminism: The Ugly Women’s Murder Weapon

Ugly women cannot take part in the natural attraction process between normal people. So they hate both sexes with a passion.

Today, the sexual market is the most competitive in human history. Casual sex is rampant. Commitment is spitted upon. Everyone tries to hook up with everybody.

But ugly women have close to zero sexual market value. They are not going to get the same amount of attention compared to normal women. They are screwed. But they are desperate for sexual attention; women are hardwired to want sex.

So, like true villains in a movie, ugly women came up with an evil plan of destruction: “If I am not getting sex, no one is getting sex.”

They can’t play the game, so they set out to ruin the game for everybody. They need to stop attraction from happening, so they can feel better about themselves.

Feminism is their weapon of choice. Their first victims are men. People think that feminists hate men. This is true. But they actually love men; their love turns to hate out of sour grapes. They hate men because men are not attracted to them. They hate that men are attracted to feminine, beautiful women instead of them.

Women are jealous of women hotter than they are. This is hardly a secret. Normal women have all the attention, sex, and providers that ugly women can only dream of. Ugly women are jealous. Feminism is jealousy magnified into a societal, national, and global level.

And through feminism, ugly women invented rape culture, to intimidate men from pursuing women they find attractive.

Men are afraid to make moves now. They don’t know when women will accuse them of rape. Some men are even punished for giving innocent compliments. Men are having a hard time finding a mate because of this.

Next, ugly women try to twist the definition of beauty. Since they are so ugly, they know they cannot compete against normal women in the attraction game. So they don’t try to meet the entry standards of the game; they force society to lower that standard, using shaming tactics.

They are in no danger of being raped / Associated Press

Ugly women use feminism to justify her ugliness with lies. They lie that women can be beautiful no matter how ugly they are. Everybody now praise ugly women; if you don’t, you are a misogynist. You obviously hate them. They are not ugly. Your standard of beauty is the problem. If you would change how you define beauty, then they too can be beautiful in your eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. You are the reason why they feel bad about themselves.

If you are a straight man, you are a sexist oppressor. You need to start sleeping with ugly women to cure your misogyny. If you are a normal woman, you are a slave to the evil patriarchy. You need to free yourself by becoming as ugly as they are.

With feminism, ugly women can destroy attractive women. They can crash the game so they can be entitled to men they do not deserve. Even if that doesn’t work, they can still use feminism to terrorize men and women, preventing them from hooking up with one another.

Frost distilled the game plan of ugly feminists in a paragraph:

“Feminists tend to be some combination of fat, old, ugly, abrasive, and slutty. Feminists want to convince men that we should be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts. Feminists want to convince women that it is OK for them to be fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts. They want desirable women to become fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts, so that the feminists no longer look so bad in comparison. Feminists want to convince men and women that it is immoral for men to not be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts.”

Feminism is now gaining so much ground in the education system and media. More and more vulnerable women are falling prey to their shaming and indoctrination. It is tragic to see normal women falling from a place of light and beauty, into the depths of darkness and monstrosity.

What Zoology Can Teach Us About Feminist Ugliness

Aposematism is a zoology term. In the Merriam-Webstar dictionary, it means:

“The use of a signal and especially a visual signal of conspicuous markings or bright colors by an animal to warn predators that it is toxic or distasteful.”

…or simply “warning coloration”. Sir Edward Bagnall Poulton coined the term in his zoology book “The Colours of Animals”, in 1890.

Aposematic signals are usually visual, like bright colors or peculiar patterns. Some are also non-visual like strong odor and ink.

These signals are not bluffs. They are what scientists call “honest signals”, a true reflection of noxiousness. A study found that conspicuousness evolves in relation to noxiousness. This means the more eye-catching an animal is, the more toxic it will be.

These warning signals are not only protection mechanisms, they also benefit the predator. A predator can avoid harm from recognizing these signals from toxic preys.

Aposematism is obviously applicable to feminists.

Feminist ugliness itself is an honest warning signal. Since a feminist is as noxious as a toxic frog, her face and body will show. This is evolutionary; she has no choice over it.

Can you see the similarities? / 4chan

There is a reason feminists dye their hair red, or other bright, unnatural colors. Noxious creatures develop abnormal colors for their species, or colors that contrast with the environment, so that they are easily spotted.

A study on this field reads,

“[C]olor signals may be particularly effective in heterogeneous or changeable environments because chromatic appearance may be relatively resistant to the effects of

shadows and illumination changes, owing to visual processes such as color constancy.”

According to the rule of color constancy, animals, including humans, can spot colors fairly consistently under different shades. This means, by embodying a special color, predators can spot the noxious prey easily even in the dark.

You’ll see this from miles away / Twitter: @randileeharper

A feminist with blue hair is easily recognizable even in a nightclub, where it is dark and with inconsistent lighting. Her blue hair will always stand out, so men know not to approach her to avoid harm.

The more conspicuous a creature is, the more toxic it is. The more invested a woman into feminism, the uglier she will be. A pureblood, full package feminist would have blue hair, a septum ring, full body tattoos, a military cut, and a fat belly drooping down to her thighs. This tells you she is pretty damn dangerous; she’s also pretty damn hard to miss.

Feminists are indeed the noxious breed of the human race.

You Become What You Think

The Bible has wisdom. Proverbs 23:7 reads, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” The idea here is that whatever we think about, we become.

This idea is cross-cultural. In China, people say, “countenance is born from the heart.” My translation. This simply means you look the way you think. Your thoughts show on your face.

If you are happy and kind, your face will carry an amiable, attractive aura. You will be beautiful. If you are angry and hateful, you will be repulsive and monstrous. You will be ugly.

Quote: Roald Dahl / Illustration: Quentin Blake / Pinterest

What if your mind is filled with feminist horseshit?

Feminism is a negative ideology of hate and anger. Feminism victimizes women. It puts women in a position of lack, even when they lack nothing. It forces women to fight for nothing out of spite. It is a blackhole that can never be satisfied.

Feminists are always oppressed. But the patriarchy is not the oppressor. Feminists invented the whole thing. They are always fighting against a monster that they dreamed up themselves.

On top of that, feminists are confrontational, violent, aggressive and angry. These traits are socially, and even biologically associated with masculinity. The proof? It turns out that if you adopt combative, confrontational postures, your testosterone level will increase, even if you are a woman. This has serious implications which I’ll discuss later.

Also, according to research, people are more likely to identify angry faces as masculine, and happy or fearful faces as feminine. But women with angry faces are confusing. People often mistaken angry female faces as male faces.

Remember the last time you saw a happy feminist? Me neither.

How can such negative, spiteful, restless, and depressed people be attractive? As women convert to feminism, they take on all these negative emotions. As they get more brainwashed, these emotions get more rooted. Finally, they will emerge through her appearance and actions.

Negative emotions are ugly. So feminists become ugly.

The Shocking Connection Between Hormones and Feminism

You may wonder why in the hell do I talk about hormones all of a sudden. Bear with me. Hormone is the hidden key to unlock the secret why feminists are ugly.

Your hormones decide whether you are masculine or feminine. Hormones decide how you look and act.

The more male hormone you have, the more you look like a man. The more female hormone you have, the more you look like a woman. That’s why transgender people inject hormone of the opposite sex. This manipulates their body into actually looking like the other sex.

I forget who it was, but somebody said this: “In a battle between men, the more masculine wins; in a battle between women, the more feminine wins.”

The higher the female hormone levels, the more feminine a woman is. This makes her more fertile and more attractive. Of course, too much hormone is bad, but then again too much anything is bad. This is not the place to discuss this topic.

So how exactly does female hormones make women beautiful?

For starters, estrogen plays a big role in fat distribution. Women with healthy estrogen levels have a gynoid fat pattern. This means that fat goes to their breasts, thighs and buttocks, instead of their bellies. This shapes her body into an hourglass figure which men drool over. This makes her sexy and attractive.

Gynoid figure, the waist stays slim / Pinterest

Facial features are not the only factor that makes a face beautiful. The quality of skin also matters. Estrogen makes women’s skin smoother and clearer. It increases collagen production. Collagen is good. It helps the skin maintain epidermal thickness. It keeps the skin hydrated, plump and wrinkle-free.

Women need female hormones. Without them, women are ugly and unhealthy. But what causes women to lower their hormone levels?

Female hormone production is usually disrupted by two conditions: Menopause and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. Menopause happens naturally to women approaching old age. PCOS, not so much. It is caused by disturbed ovarian function, where they produce excessive male hormones.

Either way, since they both lower female hormone levels and raise male hormone levels, they have more the less the same symptoms.

Women with these conditions will start to look like men. They start to grow excessive body hair, and even beards. They gain weight very easily. They become more aggressive and confrontational. They grow a bigger jaw. They have coarse hair. They have bad skin, full of acnes. They lose hair. Their hair gets shorter and shorter. Some even go bald.

Notice the manly jawline and beard / Pinterest / Instagram: harnaamkaur

Also, their body proportions change. While estrogen helps women maintain a hourglass figure, the lack of it does the exact opposite. The body will no longer direct fat into the bust, hip and thighs, but mostly to the gut.

People call this the android fat pattern. Imagine a woman with no bust, no ass, but a fat gut and fat arms. It makes the female body look like a water barrel.

Note that everything listed above are natural for men. Not so for women. When a woman becomes manly, she becomes ugly. Old women know this. To counter this, some of them even inject female hormones to stay youthful and attractive.

Why is this related to feminist ugliness? The answer may shock you. It shocked me all right.

The answer: You see all those symptoms on ugly feminists. I mean the symptoms of menopause and PCOS. When I made the connection, it blew my mind.

Feminists act against nature. They don’t want to look fertile, youth and beautiful like normal women do. Instead, they go out of their ways to mimic infertility and old age. They want to look like patients suffering from hormonal disorders.

Real victims of menopause, PCOS, and other hormonal problems, are miserable. Rachel Hawkes from Verity, a support group for PCOS patients, said,

“Polycystic ovary syndrome can be devastating to women’s self-esteem…I have had members contemplating suicide because they simply can’t cope any longer with excessive hair or the constant struggle with weight.”

This is a normal reaction for any sane women. And yet, feminists delight with this look. Worse, they force women to look exactly that way.

If women mimic infertility, they actually become infertile. For example, you already know that obesity is a trait of infertility. But obesity itself also disrupts ovarian function and makes women infertile. So if a woman becomes obese, she also becomes infertile by embodying this trait of infertility.

Why the Short Hair Trend Is a Scam

Your hair showcases your health over the last 2-3 years. It is an important indicator that reflects female reproductive quality. This is why women with long, lustrous hair are more desirable in every culture.

Why is short hair no-good?

Buss talked about how starvation and lack of nutrition causes loss of hair. In third world countries, women and children often have very short hair. This is not because it is fashionable, but because they lack nutrition to grow their hair. Starvation also change their hair color noticeably; from dark to red, for example.

Red hair? Hmm.

Anyhow, if a woman cuts her hair short or dyes her hair red, she mimics malnourished women. People will think she is unhealthy and infertile, thus ugly.

No women look better with short hair than long hair. Even women themselves know it. Tuthmosis talked to a girl with short hair about this. He asked her why she cut her hair short. She told him she didn’t want guys to hit on her; she just went through a breakup. Well, she got what she wished for. She got hit on 90% less with short hair than long hair.

You ask, “How so?”

Here are some examples:

Celebrities cutting their hair short

You never hear people say “you look 10 years younger with short hair”. Instead, every woman looks 20 years older with short hair. Contrarily, women, regardless of her age, will always look younger with long hair.

That said, short hair does look natural on old women.

With short hair, old women look natural; but young women look weird / iStock / Pinterest

Now, why is this?

The hair growth cycle has three phases. Anagen, the growth phase. Catagen, a short resting phase. Telogen, the shredding phase. The length of the anagen phase decides how long your hair can be. If you have a four year anagen phase, your hair will stop growing after four years. It will go into the rest phase afterward.

Fifty percent of post-menopausal women have thinning hair. This is because they start losing estrogen and gaining testosterone. Estrogen protects hair and makes it grow. This is also why some men go bald, because they have much more testosterone than estrogen.

A lack of estrogen also limits the maximum length of women’s hair, as thinning hair has a shorter growth phase than normal. Worse, scalp oil production slows down after menopause. This dehydrates the hair, leaving it vulnerable to damage and breakage.

The result? From 200 women from the age 17 to 73, a study finds out that younger women have longer hair than older women. The more fertile the women, the faster their hair grow.

The older a woman is, the shorter, coarser, and thinner her hair becomes. Old women are supposed to have short hair. Old women can’t grow their hair long because they are infertile. You know this subconsciously. You know older women are not supposed to be attractive, so you’re okay with it.

But this is what feminists are teaching young women to do. They teach young, fertile women to cut their hair short. They teach younger women to mimic old, barren, and unfeminine women.

Short hair begins the yes ladder of feminism. Rookie feminists often start with cutting their hair short. It is easy, quick and painless. Unlike piercings, tattoos and obesity, cutting your hair short is quite harmless. Even if you fucked it up, you can always grow it back. It doesn’t help that the media and celebrities lie about how women look better with short hair.

Once a woman cuts her hair short, like a “frog in boiling water”, she begins to buy into more feminist horseshit. She will begin do all sorts of things to her body. She moves toward the point of no return.

Madonna’s Armpit Hair Will Freak You Out

Some feminists grow their armpit hair. They whine, “Why should women shave their armpits, when men are never expected to?” Or, according to a feminist:

“…like it or not, body hair is inextricably linked to feminism. If you shave your pubic hair, you’re a slave to the patriarchy.”

This double standard is horrible and must be stopped! So this armpit hair thing got big in summer 2015. It became a feminist “beauty trend”.

Madonna looking like a man / Instagram: madonna

Again, excessive body hair is a sign of low estrogen, high testosterone. A sign of infertility. A telltale of a post-menopausal woman, or a PCOS patient. When women have hair where they are not supposed to, she becomes masculine.

With so much armpit hair, you’d think they would smell like a garbage truck, especially in the summer where they are all sweaty and shit. Feminist logic kind of disagrees. Some article reads, “The hair can trap odor. But some people do feel that having armpit hair keeps sweat away from the skin, creating less odor,” said some guy named Schmidt. Make up your mind, man. Does it stink or not?

And of course he wants you to grow your armpit hair. The guy sells deodorant!

Then the article goes on, saying even if their armpits stink, it is not odor. It is a smell that attracts the opposite sex. Hahaha. Good luck with that.

So, according to feminist logic, armpit hair can create less and more odor at the same time. Odor, while it stinks, smells good. Sounds like a lot of mental gymnastics to me.

Anyhow, with armpit hair, double standard doesn’t exist. Women who don’t shave are gross. Men who shave are sissies. Both are ostracized socially. Also, men don’t go around flaunting their pits in your face, unlike what feminists claim and actually do.

Speaking of flaunting, feminists even dye their armpit hair blue, green, and some other garish colors. They even put adhesives and gold glitters on their pits. With “pretty, galaxy-inspired sparkles”, they are now out to conquer the patriarchy and its women shaming.

Glitter pits / Instagram: howtohairgirl / missmariel

Look. You know it’s going to get gooey and slimy under there with the adhesives, paint, gel or whatnot. I would also imagine a strong, vinegar-like sour odor. Hell, maybe you’d even smell a hint of blood. Those sparkly stars probably stabbed their pits full of bleeding holes.

This shit even spread to China. In 2015, there was a Chinese photo contest, where women sent in selfies with their armpit hair. The prizes were a hundred condoms, a vibrator and female urination devices.

The host was a young Chinese woman. Her argument was that, twenty years ago, nobody cared about armpit hair in China, until American influence seeped in.

Look. I love China, I love its culture. I hate globalism. But women shaving armpit hair has nothing to do with western culture. This woman is either ignorant of history, or she’s just stupid.

China was in extreme poverty in 1978 when it started reforming. People, women, couldn’t even feed themselves. It was about survival back then. They needed to survive. They couldn’t read. They lived in shacks. They didn’t even have enough water to clean themselves. Armpit hair wasn’t even on the remote horizon of their thoughts.

Until 2014 China’s GDP multiplied almost 49-fold. It lifted 800 million people out of poverty, more than any other country in the world. China alone eliminated three quarters of global poverty between 1990 and 2005.

Shares of world GDP (% of world total) / Our World in Data

China is no longer poor. Chinese people used to be dirty, ugly and uncivilized. Now living conditions are getting close to that of the West.

Grooming and beautification is a symbol of social and economic progress. Chinese women now able to groom themselves. Today you see beautiful Chinese girls everywhere. Beautiful women don’t exist in poor countries. The socio-economic situation simply doesn’t allow women to be so.

A woman growing her armpit hair regresses against this progress. Having armpit hair was natural twenty years ago, but so were illiteracy, poverty, slavery and not washing up. Why doesn’t this Chinese woman go live in a cave and wear leaves or some shit, while we are at it? All this was natural a few thousand years ago, right?

This woman intrigues me because normally Chinese women don’t think like her. And, lo, it turns out that she read feminist writers like Simone de Beauvoir in university. Feminism makes women ugly even outside of the West.

Thankfully our human instincts are stronger than this evil influence. Female armpit hair is still gross to most people. Over lunch, I told a girl about this “trend”. All she said was, “I think they are just doing it for the attention.”

How Fat Feminists Abuse Disabled People

Around the 1960s, during the second wave, the Fat Acceptance Movement was born. Fat people now go around justifying their fatness, while encouraging other women to get fat.

Fat feminists say fat people are discriminated against in almost all areas. People shame them. People are anti-fat. People are bad. Because they are not ugly as people say they are. They are as healthy and beautiful as normal weight people.

Am I beautiful or what? / Photo by Airial Clark

Okay, so why is fatness ugly?

Obesity implies low estrogen and high testosterone. When a woman is obese, she either looks like a man, a post-menopausal woman, or a woman with PCOS. She wouldn’t look fertile. Infertility is ugly.

In fact, obese women are almost always infertile. Fat women are less likely to get pregnant. Also, they all have huge guts. Studys found that fertile mothers with a low waist to hip ratio give birth to children with better brains. So even in the rare chance that fat women do get pregnant, they will give birth to children with subnormal brains.

Fatness is also a kind of feminist aposematism. A 2007 study finds that fatness disgusts people and makes them feel nauseous. This is our biological response to threats like bacteria, viruses and illnesses. In this way, fatness is also an aposematic signal. It is easily recognizable. It triggers people’s protective instincts by disgusting them, and drives them away.

But the human society is not like the animal kingdom. Humans thrive under a state of cooperation and order. That’s why we have the law. That’s why we have so many social rules. People don’t walk around being assholes to each other, or making each other puke.

Self-imposed obesity should be a crime / Barcroft

Fatness should be the same. If fat women disgust people in public, they should lose weight. It is their social obligation.


“Healthy at every size”, feminists say. This is retarded. If you are obese, you are not healthy. You don’t need studies for that.

Anyhow, here’s a comprehensive list of the dangers of female fatness. For example, overweight women are at higher risk for diabetes, artery disease, lower back pain and knee osteoarthritis. Easily depressed. Harder to get pregnant. Higher risk for “for multiple cancers, including endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and perhaps ovarian cancer.”

Feminism is not only praising ugliness, it is also pushing women to an earlier, more painful, death. Don’t forget you pay their medical bills, if you are a tax payer in some countries. Feminists disgust and kill. Now they are robbing you too.

Out of Fat Acceptance Movement came Body Positivity Movement, its third-wave counterpart. From a B.P. website, I pulled this description:

“The Body Positive teaches people how to reconnect to their innate body wisdom so they can have more balanced, joyful self-care, and a relationship with their whole selves that is guided by love, forgiveness, and humor…offers freedom from suffocating societal messages that keep people in a perpetual struggle with their bodies.”

So instead of only accepting fat bodies, it tries to include all kinds of abnormal body types. Too tall. Too short. People with weird skin. Disabled people.

Now feminists talk as if fatness is a birth defect. To me, body positivity is only a guise. The aim is to lump lazy, fat feminists with all sorts of really unfortunate people, so they can play the victim.

Listen. You don’t born fat. Fatness is not like skin color, height, face or some other things. If you are born a certain skin color you are stuck with it forever. It’s the same with birth defects. No amount of work and willpower can cure a birth defect. If a disabled person lives her life with courage and positivity, she deserves respect from us.

But fatness? Fat women made themselves fat. Fatness is the accumulation of bad decisions. Fatness reflects a lack of willpower. Fat women can blame no one but themselves for being fat. Unlike disabled people, they can stop being fat at anytime. They only have to eat less. They don’t even need to exercise. Yet here they are, stuffing their bellies full, sitting on their fat asses, pretending to be victims, and blaming their faults on you.

Fat feminists’ tactics are working. Women are getting fat at an ever increasing rate. The average waistline of american women over 20 has increase 2.6 inches over the past 21 years. They now average between a size 16 and 18, the largest they have ever been on data. To top it off, over 60% of women in the US are overweight now.

Fatpocalypse is near.

The Tragedy Behind Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and piercings never make women more beautiful. It does the opposite. Look at this and tell me she needs some tattoos:

Will tattoos make her prettier? / Cosmopolitan

It’s not happening.

It is common sense that body modifications make women ugly. But there is actually research to back it up. A study shows that men perceive tattooed women to be significantly uglier, dumber, weaker, unhealthier, more selfish, more dishonest, and also less artistic, motivated, mysterious, and religious than normal women.

These opinions are not arbitrary. Women with body modifications are actually more degenerate.  They are heavy alcohol drinkers. They lose virginity at an earlier age, and remain promiscuous thereafter. They are also more aggressive, and they are likely to engage in risk taking activities. I suspect part of this because of their extra high testosterone level. Anyhow, this partly explains why ugly feminists are always picking fights.

There is a link between body modification, self-mutilation and self-hatred. In this article, Dr. Karim refers to a bunch of studies about this link:

“The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  released a statement in 1999 in which they listed tattooing and ‘excessive piercing’ along with picking, burning, head-banging and cutting as possible forms of self-injury… [In] The Journal of Psychosomatic Research (2006, volume 6, issue 4), Adolescence (2002, volume 37, issue 147), The Journal of Adolescent Health (2005, volume 36, issue 4), Deviant Behavior (2009, volume 30, issue 6) and Pediatrics (2002, volume 109, issue 60), tattooing and body piercing have been associated with dangerous and sometimes lethal risk-taking behavior, eating disorders, self-loathing, substance abuse, depression and social alienation.”

Feminists engage in b.m. because they are depressed. They hate themselves subconsciously.

You can tell that she hates herself / Reuters

Body modification is a form of non-suicidal self-injury. It distracts them from aversive thoughts or feelings, generates stimulation, facilitates help-seeking and facilitates escape from undesired social situations. Feminists use tattoos and piercings to release the hatred trapped inside of them.

Maybe feminists are really mentally ill.

Again, feminists seem to be gaining ground in this area. Now more women have tattoos than men. From a sample size of 1,000, it turned out that 49 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men.

Yes, the sample size is small, but it is alarming enough, and it shows how normalized self-mutilation has become.

Hot Feminists Should Be Sent to Mental Asylums

You say, “What about those hot feminists?” Hot women don’t need feminism, and feminists are ugly. “Hot feminists” seems like an oxymoron. But there are indeed beautiful women who say they are feminists.

Here’s the thing.

Those beautiful “feminists”, especially models and celebrities, are not really feminists. They are fake liberals. It is pretty much compulsory for any liberal to identify as a feminist today. They just don’t want to piss off the mainstream.

A beautiful woman has an army of male minions at her disposal, ready to do all the dirty work for her. She reaps 100% of the reward with no cost. Why would she hate men?

A beautiful, hardcore, pureblood feminist is extremely rare. I have never seen one, or discovered one in my research. Assuming such breed really exists, they are damn likely mentally ill.

Beautiful feminists are power-hungry predators, or even psychopaths. They want both indirect influence over men, and direct dominance over everybody else. They are not normal. They don’t fit into the mold of both beautiful and ugly women.

Why Beauty Is Objective and Universal

Beauty is objective and biological in its core.

There’s really nothing much to say about this. Just look at these two women.

Who is prettier? / Reddit / iStock

This comparison is nowhere near extreme. But if I ask you who’s more beautiful, everyone, men or women, of all age, of every ethnicity, from all parts of the world, of all political factions, will agree that the girl on the left is more beautiful than the old woman on the right.

If some people say they think otherwise, it doesn’t mean that beauty is subjective. Because it is like they’re saying one plus one equals three. Does this make math subjective?

When people don’t recognize beauty, there are only two reasons. They are either stupid, or they are lying.

When everyone on Earth can agree on who is beautiful and who isn’t, it is enough prove that beauty is objective. But, okay. I’m still going to make an argument.

Both sexes choose who they couple with based on looks, because looks reflect gene quality and reproductive health. Yes, men care about looks way more than women do, but women still love a hot guy.

Women prefer facially symmetrical men. They like handsome faces. Women also prefer specific body types, like muscular and tall guys. This is why tall, handsome and fit guys get with more women.

Men also like facial symmetry. It is a must for an attractive face. Smooth skin, lustrous hair and full lips don’t hurt either. Men also have a preferred body type: the hourglass figure.

Studies tell us, that men of all races and age groups unanimously picked female body with a 0.7 waist to hip ratio as the most attractive. Even women agree with this. 36-26-36 seems to be the perfect proportion, but of course this depends on how tall the woman is.

These preferences are not socially constructed. They are biological. Objective. Culture never influenced this biological, hormonal, hard-wired standard of beauty. The patriarchy didn’t create it in the past, and feminism will not change it in the future.

But cultural standards of beauty do exist. Fashion trends. Beauty trends. But people invent these trends to make women more feminine. They enhance women’s biological beauty, not diminish it.

Real fashion makes women more feminine / Pinterest

Cultural beauty trends are evolutionary. Humans appreciate beauty, and seek ways to enhance it. It is a natural and inevitable development.

10 years ago, in the Plocnik archaeological site near the town of Prokuplje in southern Serbia, people dug up tons of ancient artifacts. Among them were figurines of the women of the time. Archaeologist Julka Kuzmanovic-Cvetkovic said:

“According to the figurines we found, young women were beautifully dressed, like today’s girls in short tops and mini skirts, and wore bracelets around their arms.”

Ancient female figurine / Reuters

This was at least 7,500 years ago; yet the cultural standard or beauty trend was the same as today.

Feminist “beauty trends” are not organic. They are not even about beauty. It is an artificial movement to devalue feminine beauty, and to replace it with ugliness. Think armpit hair. Short hair. Tattoos. Piercings. Fatness. None of these enhance femininity. None of them make women beautiful. They make women ugly, objectively.

Will Feminists Ever Find True Love?

Being ugly is never good, for both men and women. Especially women.

In 1993, Nancy Etcoff of Harvard published a book on beauty called ”Survival of the Prettiest”. I doubt this book would be published today. Anyhow, Etcoff wrote therein:

“To tell people not to take pleasure in beauty is like telling them to stop enjoying food or sex or novelty or love.”

Women have a natural desire to be feminine and beautiful. It’s like desiring food, sex, and love. If they can’t fulfill this desire, they will become depressed.

I know. Not everyone can have model looks. But I also know that every person can look decent, presentable, and naturally attractive. Some people have to work on it more. Some people less.

For women, looking presentable isn’t that hard. I can see potential even among the ugliest feminists. Women have it easier than men on this. A woman only needs a slim body and long hair to be naturally beautiful.

If you’re a woman, lose weight. Grow your hair. Not your armpit hair, dammit. Stop tattooing, piercing, overeating. Stop doing stupid things you shouldn’t be doing anyway. Then your inner beauty will shine through.

But feminism forces women to deny their own desire to be beautiful. Feminists claim to be pro-women, yet all they do is depriving women of their source of happiness. Women who bought into this sick ideology can be permanently damaged, both physically and mentally, beyond repair. The deeper they go, the less likely they are going to recover.

Damaged feminists are not happy, because they deny who they really are. Their only way to happiness is to become a woman once again.

Deep inside their hearts, ugly feminists yearn for femininity. They think they have lost it forever. They think can’t go back. They are hopeless. So they inflict their despair on the society. They blame it on men. They blame it on you.

But what they don’t realize is that femininity is still within them.

A feminist cannot reject her female instincts forever. It is only matter of time that she realizes the truth.

Perhaps one day, when she finally does, her face and body will reflect her awakening. She will grow her hair back with its natural color. She will eat less. She will shave her armpits. She will remove her tattoos. She will take the rings and pins off her body. She will dress and act like a woman.

When she walks out the door into the sunshine, she glows with beauty. She walks slowly, elegantly, under the shadow of trees and leaves. Her hair dances softly to the rhythm of the warm breeze. Her white dress billows along to it.

Her face is smooth, relaxed. She lowers her head and smiles. A few autumn leaves move by in front of her steps, rustling. As she lifts her eyes, she stops.

In a patch of light stands a man she loves. A man who loves her. She runs toward him, throws herself into his arms. Tight, secure, warm. She can feel the man’s pulse, and her own.

She closes her eyes and smiles again. She is finally where she belongs.

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