How to Let Go of Thoughts and Quiet Your Mind (Blon Lee Podcast EP001)

Among my readers, the number 1 obstacle I see people face in meditation and spirituality is letting go of thoughts, emotions, and handling the wandering mind.

In this very first episode of my podcast, I am going to teach you how to let go of emotional pain, negative thoughts and how to quiet your mind, even if you can’t stop thinking.

I’m a Buddhist, and I study Chinese Zen. And when I first started practicing the principles of Zen, I used to believe I can become completely thoughtless, still, peaceful, happy all the time, and all those spiritual good stuff.

Even as I called myself a Zen practitioner, and I did practice the diligently every day, I was never at peace. Not even close.

But I didn’t give up. And now, I have the answer.

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