I Know This Is Crazy, but Here’s What I Want to Do for You

Hey, you are here!

Thank you for coming here and reading this. As a writer, there is nothing more satisfying than having people read my work.

Now, a quick question:

Do you find my blog helpful?

If you do, I thank you again from all my heart. I promise never to disappoint you, and I promise I’ll never become a sellout.

I will only write from my heart. Because I know personal writing is what actually helps you, not some cliché self-help article churned out by a fake, faceless content machine.

And here, I have a huge announcement to make.

You’ll Receive an Insanely Useful Post Every Week

A while ago, I wrote to you about how I decided to be real, and that I would stick to a weekly schedule.

Because I know my job is to serve you, and support you in your spiritual growth, I feel responsible to fulfill the promises I made to you.

But the thing is,  even though I stayed on track, I feel my articles are not good enough. Sure, they have a message, but I want to make them more valuable to you.

Now, this is where it gets exciting.

I have decided to ramp up the quality of my writing. From now on, I will make every single post insanely useful to you.


First, I will strive to make every post as detailed, and delve into each topic as deeply as possible.

I will fill my articles with engaging images and videos, and back every point with extensive research, in both the spiritual and scientific realm.

I will make each post worth 10x of your reading time.

Second, I will systematically write about my readers’ problems in depth. I will answer every single email you sent to me in the form of a blog post, so I can give you as much feedback as possible.

(If you haven’t received my email yet, don’t worry. I will give your questions priority!)

I know, this is a big promise. And I will try my best to keep it, because I want to see you live the life you deserve. This is also a chance for you and me to grow together.

And if you don’t find my posts in the future as useful as I claim them to be, send me an email and kick my rear end.

The next post will probably be online in about two weeks.

Why? Because I’ve got something even more exciting for you later this week. You’ll have to wait to find out!

How to Get Fast Email Advice (and More) From Me

With this out of the way, I want to be honest with you.

If you like my writing, will you consider supporting my blog?

I am now on Patreon. Patreon is a place where you can support your favorite artist, and pay them for making the stuff you love.

Don’t worry, I am not asking for donation.

Because instead of literally paying for nothing, you get rewards and extra services from me for the contribution you make.

It doesn’t have to be much to help me sustain my blog. Even as little as $1 per month, your help can make a huge difference. (You get a reward for that, too.)

Rewards include:

  • Access to patron only content
  • A personal thank-you email
  • Access to my upcoming post schedule
  • Vote on which topics you’d like to see next
  • Send me an email or message for life advice (Reply within 12 hours, no matter how detailed your question is)
  • Your name credited in all my articles
  • Send me a topic you’d like me to cover (I will give it top priority)
  • A handwritten letter from me

Now, I don’t want to pressure you for support.

If you don’t think I can really help you, or if you think my articles aren’t worth it, you shouldn’t have to contribute.

But here’s my guarantee to you.

From now on, you will only see high quality writing from me. You will be overjoyed by every one of my articles.

I also have plans to write courses and books on spiritual living so unique, you will never find anything similar elsewhere.

This includes a major update on my existing eBook, Hang On, which I will add a lot of information on dealing with overthinking (and much more).

And with a self-sustaining blog, I can publish more high quality works quickly, for your benefit.

Here’s what to do next.

Click here to get your rewards.

Scroll down. Choose a reward tier on the right. When you become a patron, you will get instant access to my exclusive feed, where all the extra content will be. You will also receive a personal thank-you email from me.

Choose a reward tier on the rigtht

In case you are wondering, this website is completely secure. Patreon is one of the largest and most trusted membership platforms in the world.

Simple enough?

Here is the link again:

Click here to get your rewards.

And if you decided not to contribute, that’s okay too. The fact that you read this far already means a lot to me.

I won’t give up. I’ll work harder to earn your attention and support.

P.S. Comment here or send me an email if you need more information!

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