About Blon Lee What This Blog Is About

My name is Blon Lee. I am a writer.

I used to write self-help. I wrote for a lot of self-help blogs. I did this for about 2 years, but little people have read me.

I wanted to make it, but I tried too hard. Every post had to be perfect. Every article had to go viral. I put too much pressure on myself. And what came out sucked anyways. That stopped me from writing. I couldn’t write like that.

Now I had given up. I don’t try to make it anymore.

Instead, I write what I like. I like to learn new stuff. And the best way to learn something is to write about it. So now I write what I want to learn:

  • ​​​Spirituality
  • ​Self-Help
  • ​Self-Improvement
  • Social Commentary
  • ​Pretty much anything

I will publish long-form, in-depth, well-searched articles on one of these topics. And hopefully by me writing it and you reading it, we can learn something together in the process.

Since these articles take a lot of work to write, I guess I will publish one around every three weeks. It may take longer than that.

I also do creative writing. Short stories and all that. These are easier, quicker and more fun to write. I will try to publish one of these around once a week.

I don’t lean toward any political faction. I don’t identify with any ideology or religion. I write to educate and entertain. But some of my topics can be controversial, offensive or “politically incorrect”.

​Meanwhile I am a starving artist. I quit my full-time job to write. I have given up on “making it”. I decided to sacrifice myself to the craft of writing. This blog is now my life.

For this, I need to make my blog self-sustaining. I don’t have a job and I still need to eat. No matter how great I make my “sacrifice” sound, I am basically a bum.

So if you like what I write, consider supporting me. Your support can keep me fed for a day or two. But if not, that’s completely fine too. I understand. The fact that you’re reading this makes me happy already.

That’s about it. Shoot me an email if you want to contact me. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll try my best to write back to you ASAP.

Talk soon.