Why Feminists Are So Disgusting and Ugly: The Ultimate Guide

Want to know why feminists are so ugly?
In this article, I show you how feminism defiled 65 innocent girls and turned them into ugly beasts. Then I’ll explain why. Just click that big green button below.

How Feminism Defiled 65 Innocent Girls and Turned Them Into Ugly Beasts Why Feminists Are So Disgusting and Ugly: The Ultimate Guide

When I say the word “feminist”, what do you immediately think of? I think of an ugly woman with blue hair. She has piercings all over her head. She has a twisted expression. She is obese. She is lifting up her left arm with a full sleeve tattoo, flaunting her neon armpit hair. Maybe she is even shooting the bird at me with her free hand.

Admit it.

I bet you had a similar picture in mind. But it’s okay. Most people do. After all, feminism is the synonym of ugliness.

Many beautiful women converted to feminism and became ugly. They hurt and abuse their bodies in horrible ways. It is as if feminism drove them crazy.

I wanted to know why. So I dug really deep to find the answers I wanted.

When I was researching, I looked up every single feminist transformation you can find on the internet. Boy, did it change my life. And you’ll get to see all these pictures right at the beginning of this article.

But first, a word of warning.

As you read, you may feel disgusted and nauseous. You may even want to vomit. If you are not ready for what’s to come, stop reading here.

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